Delicious appetizers from The Patron Mexican Restaurant in Mechanicsville VA


Nachos Fajita

Grilled chicken or steak cooked with bell peppers, tomatoes, onions and topped with lettuce, sour cream , jalapenos and black beans.

Grilled Nachos (steak or chicken)

Nachos covered with melted cheese and jalapenos.

Nacho Supreme

Nachos with beef, chicken, cheese and beans. Topped with lettuce, sour cream pico de gallo and jalapenos.

Nachos Con Chorizo

Nachos with homemade chorizo (Mexican sausage) topped with pico de gallo and jalapenos.

Nachos Chicken

Nachos Chicken w/beef

Nachos Beef

Nachos Cheese

Nachos Bean w/beef

Nachos Bean w/chicken

Nachos Bean